Sustainable tourism


   Florence is history, art, nature and culture

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Florence an open-air museum, surrouned of amazing masterpieces of art in perfect harmony with both the surrounding natural and urban landscape. 

For most people it is obvious that we have to protect the art monuments, the nature, and historical and natural resources as much as possible,  we are not doing this only for ourselves, but mostly for our future generations.  When we speak of  'Sustainable Tourism'  we’re generally referring to the way we behave when we go somewhere else, or to the kind of choices we make when we choose a vacation destination.

The Minunicipality of Florence promotes the following initiatives to protect the environment and promote sustainable awareness among its citizens and visitors, committed to preserving its historic monuments through the reduction of traffic in the historical center.

What the city  is doing?

The City of Florence are committed to preserving its historic monuments through the reduction of traffic in the historical center, the municipality promote a program called "pedestrian areas", that means  No cars may enter or park in these areas:

 one is the area around Piazza Duomo, and the other area is around Piazza Pitti and via Tornabuoni pedestrian-only as well.

To practice a sustainable tourism during your stay in Florence we advise you: 

* Mobility:

  • Florence is a city to walk, walking through the city center is fantastic!!!Do not use your rental car.

  • Ride a bike

  • Take the bus: Local bus a wonderful option to move in the city center.

*Recycling and Reduction:

  • place trash and recycling materials in the appropriate containers/ ask us about the location of the garbage spots located near from your home.

  • Make conscious choices about packaging when you’re shopping.

  • Avoid to buy small bottles of water, bring your own refillable bottle and fill up with tap water or the high quality purified water fountain in Piazza Signoria or elsewhere.


Save energy by turning off lights and unplugging when your outside of the apartment.

* Behavior:

  • Do not touch the monuments in the street, Florence is a open museum so have awareness of take care of the history.

  • Camera Flashlights, try to appreciate more the city for your own eyes

  • Cigarette buts should not be thrown on the street 

  • Avoid participating in large groups of city tours

  • Do not buy plastics